The High-Level Swing.

That's the goal.

Yes, I talk about Rotation and Rotational Hitting. Why? Because they are steps on the path to the High-Level Swing.

But they aren't the only ones.

This site is primarily for my clients, so they can access the webBooks, eBooks, and other materials I discuss on my Rotational Hitting 101 Streaming DVD.

Non-clients will be interested in a number of pieces that I have put together that discuss different aspects of hitting and the swing. Articles marked with a are viewable by everyone. Those marked with a are viewable only by all registered users of my client site.

In terms of my qualifications, credentials, and experience, my piece on Andres Torres' Swing discusses the work we have done together since 2008.

The High-Level Swing

My series of hitting webbooks are designed to get hitters on the path to the High-Level Swing and, just as importantly, keep them on it...

...and can be purchased through my web site.

Listed below are the Hitting pieces that I'm currently working on and thinking about.

The Progression

In order to make things clearer, I have decided to slightly reorganize my Hitting pieces into a series of webbooks that follow a simple and clear progression that reflects what I teach to hitters of different ages...

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The idea is to match this up with the progression most parents follow.

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