My progression of hitting webbooks, the higher levels of which are available only to my clients, include...

  • FREE Hitting Clinic: My FREE, 10-minute hitting clinic provides an overview of my views about hitting.
  • Hitting Mechanics 101: The high-level swing, how to develop it, and how to keep a hitter's from getting coached out of it.
    • Fixing Bat Drag: My guide on how to fix Bat Drag, the number one culprit behind long swings and killer of swings at all levels of play, is available for purchase as part of HM101 or on its own.
  • Power Hitting Mechanics: Can't hit the curveball? Can't get the fastball past the warning track? Or even to it? This level focuses on hitting for power and is based on my experience with my college hitters and my major league clients.

...and can be purchased through my web site.

I have also created several topic-specific hitting webbooks that can be purchased through my web site and that are available, for free, to many of my hitting clients...

  • Fixing Bat Drag: The definitive resource for fixing the most common problem in young hitters, and some older hitters.
  • Slow-Pitch Power Secrets: An application of many of the same concepts I discuss to the game of slow-pitch softball.

Non-clients will be interested in a number of pieces that I have put together that discuss different aspects of hitting and the swing. Articles marked with a are viewable by everyone. Those marked with a are viewable only by all registered users of my client site.

In terms of my qualifications, credentials, and experience, my piece on Andres Torres' Swing discusses the work we have done together since 2008.

New and Updated

Listed below are the hitting pieces that I'm currently working on and thinking about.

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