How did a career minor leaguer named Andres Torres, my experience with whom I discuss at length in my experience with Andres Torres, turn his career around and help the San Francisco Giants win the 2010 World Series?

How did one of my college hitters hit...

  • .250 in 2014
  • .276 in 2015
  • .419 in 2016

More generally speaking, what's the problem with teaching...

  • Extension at the point of contact?
  • Hitting the ball out front?

The answer to all of those questions is the same thing.

Something that, because of its power to quickly and easily transform hitters' swings, I call my main mantra.

A mantra that explains how Albert Pujols, despite guessing fastball and getting a slider instead, still managed to hit this pitch for a home run and nearly out of Busch Stadium.

Albert Pujols Hitting a Slider Out of Busch Stadium

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