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A hitch in the swing is bad. Right? Regardless of whether you're talking about baseball or fast pitch softball. That's what the conventional wisdom about hitting says; that a Hitch lengthens the swing and makes it impossible for the hitter to catch up to a good fastball. But does it? Really? What do the best hitters do? Actually?

Those aren't just academic questions.

Last night I was cutting the clip on the right of a home run, that Tommy Pham absolutely crushed, and thinking about how the Hitch in his swing has changed over the years, sometimes for the better.but often for the worse.

Then, this morning, I came across a tweet about J.J. Bleday and the Hitch in his swing and how the Marlins see it as a problem that needs to be fixed.

The thing to pay attention to with #Marlins first rounder JJ Bleday is the hitch in his swing. MIA is aware of it, and he’s made some adjustments already. How he irons that out will be big when dealing with next level pitching.

So what's the truth?

Is a hitch in the swing good or bad?

Hitch in the Swing

What do the best hitters do?


Albert Pujols

The clip below of Albert Pujols makes one thing clear.