I have a LOT of thoughts and material on hitting, so how does it all fit together?

I've spent the past year and a half thinking hard about that question and how it should influence my hitting materials, how I present things, and in what order.

This piece reflects my latest thoughts that question based on my recent experiences working with...

  • Second Graders
  • Middle Schoolers
  • High Schoolers
  • College Hitters
  • Major League Hitters

The idea is to organize everything in a progression that...

  • Reflects what the best hitters (actually) do.
  • Doesn't overwhelm kids, parents, and coaches.
  • Keeps them on the path to developing the High-Level Swing.

The High-Level Swing

What do I teach? Linear or Rotational?

Given that a good swing is both Linear and Rotational, I'm not interested in that question beyond establishing that Rotation is a key element of a good swing.

In general, I teach the High-Level Swing; the swing that is used by the best players.

Hitting Mechanics 101

  • Why Rotation and Rotational Hitting?
  • Contact
    • Power L
  • Getting to Contact
    • Alignment
    • The Simplest Swing
    • Vertical V
    • Power Position
  • Hitting the Fastball
    • Down the Middle
    • Anywhere in the Strike Zone
    • Adjustability
      • X-Axis
      • Y-Axis
    • Rotational Hitting 101 Streaming DVD

    Advanced Hitting Mechanics

    • Approach
    • Hitting the Curveball
      • Z-Axis Adjustability
    • Warning Track Power
      • Whip
      • Coil
      • Loading
      • Overlap