First, Do No Harm

Coaches are awesome.

As someone who has coached all four of my kids in multiple sports, I know how challenging -- and how much fun -- it can be to be a coach, and I tip my cap to everyone who has the guts to get into coaching.

The hard thing about coaching hitting is that, in my direct experience, the majority of people who think they know hitting and how to coach it are wrong.

The goal of this webbook is to ensure that your hitter(s) don't get coached...

  • Into doing something bad.
  • Out Of doing something good.

I am frequently contacted by the parents of 5, 6, and 7 year-olds, asking me whether my materials are appropriate for their kids.

In truth, the honest answer to that question, up until today, has been, "No."

My materials are aimed at parents, coaches, and players who are in 5th grade -- or, nowadays, at least 3rd grade -- or older.

I previously addressed -- kind of -- the topic of younger baseball and softball players in a piece entitled What to Teach When. However, given how often I am contacted by parents of younger ballplayers, my experience coaching my kids and their teammates, and my role as the instructional coordinator for our grade school recreational baseball and softball program, I have decided to expand that piece into this short webbook.