Tommy Pham and I have a strained relationship.

I'm not sure why he holds such animosity towards me, but I think it's related to the issues he has with his father and his resulting complicated response to authority figures.

In fact, last Fall Tommy had an agent named Rand Sacks send me a Cease & Desist letter that ordered me to stop talking about my experiences and relationship with him. However, a follower who is a lawyer told me that it was 95% bluff and I just had to make a couple of changes to how I talk about him.

Regardless, as in 2017, Tommy had a rough spring training leading up to the 2018 season.

And, again as in 2017, I knew what the problem was and I couldn't stand to see him struggle and not achieve his dreams.

As a result, on April 3, 2018 I sent Tommy a couple of texts and pointed him to a private web page I had set up for him that explains the reasons for his struggles and how to fix the problem, the general rationale which I explain in this piece...

These texts drew upon and referenced concepts and flaws we had discussed and worked on before...

...and that I discuss in my Hitting Diary.

Those texts, and the private web site I set up and that they pointed him to, are below.

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