Point of view is worth 80 IQ points.

- Alan Kay

But you're nobody!

You have no formal medical training whatsoever!

That's the most common objection to my work.

My response?

When the somebodies stop thinking (well), it's time for the nobodies to give the problem a shot.

Mr. Nobody

There's something wrong with how the pitching mechanics establishment thinks about injuries.

I'm not sure what's going on or why.

Well, that's not entirely true.

I know why pitching coaches are teaching the shortcuts and tricks they do. People want velocity, and the shortcuts and tricks let them promise -- and deliver -- quick and easy velocity increases.  

As for Jeff Passan and The Arm, I think he is That Dad. Somebody told him he has to do certain things to ensure that his son will get on the right track, and his attacks on me are simply his effort to discount my research and not feel so bad about the choices he's made for his son.

What I don't understand is how a bunch of PhDs and MDs can say this.

Wait, what...?

Stupid question.

If something REDUCES the risk of elbow or shoulder pain, then how can it be a flaw?

I have talked about how the epidemic is a paradigm problem, and go into my sense of the problem in that piece.

As for my qualifications to see and solve the problem, I'm a troubleshooter by nature. Most of my early career was spent building big, complex computer system.

The epidemic is just another problem to solve.