Some people refer to it as Scap Loading.

I prefer to refer to it as Loading AROUND.

As opposed to Loading UP.

However, regardless of what you call it, it's one of the two best ways of creating Resistance, Separation, and Stretch.

This clip of Andres Torres is one of my favorites, not just because he was my first client, because it illustrates a key principle.

You don't have to move a LOT if you move WELL.

And that's what Loading is all about.

Moving well.

Using the body as it's designed to be used.

Loading Around

As I discuss in My Experience with Andres Torres, Andres was taught a number of things that limited him, the most problematic of which was to take his hands DIRECTLY to the ball.

In fact, and like many players of his era, he was taught to THROW his hands at the ball.

All the while keeping his hips and his shoulders closed.

The fix was to do the OPPOSITE.

Frames 001-146

And that was accomplished, in part, by shifting his focal point from his HANDS to his BACK ELBOW.

Frames 040-146

The feel is akin to an archer pulling back on a bow, but with a much smaller movement.

Frames 040-089

However, the movement didn't have to be a big one as long as it was well-timed.

Frames 070-089

Frames 070-083