How did Nolan Ryan throw hard?

While staying healthy?

Because he was a freak, right?

That's what people say.

But I don't think it's accurate.

When I look at how Nolan Ryan moved -- and compare and contrast him with pitchers like Mark Prior -- I see some significant differences.

Nolan Ryan's 90s

I've spent a lot of time trying to explain why Nolan Ryan was a great -- and as durable -- as he was.

Nolan Ryan's...

...are good ways of explaining -- and seeing -- the differences in how Nolan Ryan moved.

Nolan Ryan vs. Mark Prior

Another is to look at his angles.

90 90 90 90 Not

When I look at pictures of Nolan Ryan...

Nolan Ryan

...I see four 90 degree angles that I think are relevant.

  • Back Knee
  • Hip Flexion (torso to upper back leg)
  • Glove side...
    • Shoulder Abduction
    • Shoulder Flexion

And I think these angles matter because they add up to one thing.

Nolan Ryan 1990