Nolan Ryan believes that the root cause of the pitcher injury and Tommy John surgery epidemic is that pitchers don't throw enough. The problem is that Nolan Ryan doesn't understand that pitchers are trained and throw differently than he did, and those mechanical differences are why throwing more won't solve the epidemic.

And very well may make it worse.

To reverse the epidemic, you have to address its true root cause, which is easily visible if you compare Nolan Ryan and modern pitchers.

Ryan, Fernandez, and Timing

While he is as, if not more, dominant than Nolan Ryan, why hasn't Jose Fernandez been as durable?

Notice how Nolan Ryan's front foot hasn't yet plated but his arm is almost up and in the Ready Position. In contrast, Jose Fernandez's front foot has already planted but his arm isn't up.

Nolan Ryan and Jose Fernandez

That means that Jose Fernandez's Timing is very different than Nolan Ryan's, and the science behind The Epidemic says that seemingly small difference is hugely significant.

As a result, with every throw, Jose Fernandez's pitching mechanics put far more load on his arm than Nolan Ryan's pitching mechanics did.

Ryan, Parker, and Flat Arm Syndrome

Why did Nolan Ryan last 27 years before needing Tommy John surgery while Jarrod Parker's elbow keeps blowing up?

Again, compare the positions of Nolan Ryan and Jarrod Parker's front feet and arms. Notice how Nolan Ryan's front foot hasn't yet plated but his arm is well on its way up. In contrast, Jarrod Parker's front foot has already planted but his arm is flat, not up. 

Nolan Ryan and Jarrod Parker

Like Jose Fernandez, Jarrod Parker's problem with Flat Arm Syndrome pushes his arm past the breaking point.

Ryan, Buehler, and Premature Pronation

Why did Walker Buehler's elbow fail as soon as he was drafted while Nolan Ryan's lasted 27 years?

Notice how, as they go into foot plant, Nolan Ryan is pointing the ball at third base while Walker Buehler is pointing that ball at second base.

Nolan Ryan and Walker Buehler

Like many ballplayers, Walker Buehler was taught Premature Pronation while Nolan Ryan did what comes naturally. That seemingly inconsequential difference in how Ryan and Buehler were taught to throw goes a long way toward explaining their different fates in particular and the pitcher injury and Tommy John Surgery epidemic as a whole.

Ryan, Winkler, and the Truth About the Inverted W

Why hasn't Daniel Winkler been as durable as Nolan Ryan and Tom Seaver?  

Nolan Ryan, Daniel Winkler, and Tom Seaver

It comes down to the obvious visual difference and the underlying truth about the Inverted W.