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While I understand the financial stress modern sports journalists are under, I believe the "I'll pimp your book if you'll pimp mine" ethos is leading us into dangerous territory.

It may even lead to the disability or death of baseball pitchers.

The Problem with Pimping

Problematic books like Jeff Passan's The Arm are being pimped by other writers simply because they want to ensure that their books will receive equal support from the industry.

And why do I think Jeff Passan's The arm is problematic?

If Jeff Passan actually cares about pitching injuries, why didn't he spend a chapter, if not a book as I am doing with The Epidemic, talking about how Timing problems are the real issue and that need to be the focus?

If Jeff Passan actually cares about pitching injuries, why hasn't he talked about how, at my urging, Dr. Glenn Fleisig has advised USA Baseball to stop telling people to teach pitchers to Point the Ball at Second Base?

Is it because the opinions of Dr. Douoguih and Dr. Fleisig opinion differ from Passan's?

As I discuss in The Stakes, the hockey-sticking rates of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome tell me that this may be becoming issue of life and death, not something that should be the subject of some friendly pimping.

Hustle & Flow notwithstanding, remember that a pimp is always a bad guy.