Slow Pitch Power Secrets

Over the years I have gotten many questions about the relevance of the concepts that I talk about to slow pitch softball and, specifically, to how to hit home runs in slow pitch softball. I have been wanting to put together a piece that discusses this topic, but I haven't been able to get my hands on any good footage.

That all changed this Summer.

Rather than go down to Boy Scout Camp and sit and sweat and (try to) sleep in the 100+ degree heat, I decided to go down first thing in the morning. As a result, I was able to go see the Dodgers and the Cardinals play. Unbeknownst to me, but to my delight, the slow pitch softball Stadium Power Tour home run derby happened to be coming through St. Louis that night.

I managed to get some great footage of all of the hitters using both my HD camera and my 120 Frame Per Second camera. In analyzing that footage, I learned that, as in baseball, most of the existing instructional stuff... largely nonsense.

I discovered that what the world needs is something that explains what a good slow pitch softball power swing actually looks like and how to hit home runs in slow pitch softball.

This webbook draws upon my baseball and fast pitch softball material, with some additions and modifications that take into account the (relatively few) differences between a slow pitch softball home run swing and a high-level baseball or fast pitch softball swing.

Most of these articles are only available to my clients who have purchased my Slow Pitch Power Secrets webbook, but the articles marked with a  are available to everyone and the articles marked with a are available to users who Register for my client site.

   1.0. Executive Summary 

   2.0. Slow Pitch, Fast Pitch, and Baseball: Similarities and Differences

   3.0. First, Do No Harm

   4.0. Very Important Pictures 

   5.0. Concepts

      5.1. Rotation
         5.1.1. Compactness
   Short to the Ball...
         5.1.2. Separation 
      When in Doubt...
      Loading the Hands
         Stretching the Bungee Cord
      Walking Away from the Hands
      Running Start
      Resisting Movement
         5.1.3. Middle-Out
         5.1.4. Heel Hop
         5.1.5. The Move
   Matt Holliday's Back Foot
   Back Knee Extension: What Does it Mean?
   Albert Pujols' Back Leg 
   Stay Back
      5.2. Connection
      5.3. Alignment
         5.3.1. Alignment and the Slow Pitch Power Swing
      5.4. Whip
         5.4.1. Judging Whip
   Whip Position
   The Myth of the Brace Position 
         5.4.2. Whip and the Slow Pitch Power Swing
         5.4.3. Whip and the Back Elbow
   Hands Back: When?
   Double Pendulum 
      Whip and the Soccer Kick
         5.4.4. The Role of the Hands
   Whip and the Grip
         5.4.5. Hinge Angle
         5.4.6. Reducing the Radius
         5.4.7. Stalling the Barrel 

   6.0. Positions

      6.1. CHin On Front Arm (CHOFA)
      6.2. Shaft To Shoulder (STS)
      6.3. Bat Lag
      6.4. Point Of Contact (POC)
      6.5. Whip Position
      6.6. Extension Position

   7.0. Shapes

      7.1. Vertical V
      7.2. Power L 

   8.0. Slow Pitch Specific Topics

      8.1. Types of Slow Pitch Power Swings
      8.2. Setting Up
         8.2.1. Grip
         8.2.2. Location
         8.2.3. Stance
         8.2.4. Stride
      8.3. Alignment and the Slow Pitch Power Swing 
      8.4. Whip and the Slow Pitch Power Swing  

   9.0. Slow Pitch Power Drills 

   10.0. Slow Pitch Hitting Troubleshooter

      10.1. Frequently-Made Mistakes
      10.2. Common Flaws
         10.2.1. Lunging
   Lunging and the Slow Pitch Power Swing
         10.2.2. Stalling the Barrel

   11.0. Slow Pitch Flipbooks 

   12.0. Slow Pitch Model Swings

      12.1. Tim Cocco
      12.2. Kevin Filby
      12.3. Johnny McCraw
      12.4. Brandon Perry
      12.5. Lee Powers