What does proper Timing for baseball pitchers look like?

I look for one main thing in video clips and still photos when it comes to judging a pitcher's Timing...

The pitching arm is almost UP when the front foot is almost DOWN.

Examples of Proper Timing for Baseball Pitchers

Here are some of my favorite examples of what proper Timing for baseball pitchers looks like.

Justin Verlander

If you limited me to one picture to illustrate what proper Timing for baseball pitchers looks like, it would be the picture above of Justin Verlander.

Nolan Ryan Pitching Mechanics

Nolan Ryan

Fortunately, there are plenty of pictures out there of dominant and durable pitchers with their front feet almost down and their pitching arms almost up.

The thing to notice in all of these pictures is that you can see the pitchers' front foot.

Mariano Rivera Pitching Mechanics

Mariano Rivera

If you can't see the pitcher's front foot, then any judgement about their Timing is simply a guess.

Jeff Passan and Still Photos

As for Jeff Passan's complaints about my use of still photos, I have to ask, "How else would you judge Timing?"

Given that, by definition,Timing means the position of the pitching arm -- technically, the degree of external rotation -- at foot plant, a still photo or single frame is the only way to judge a pitcher's Timing.