In an earlier piece on Scapular Loading, I took an "I'm not thrilled with it but there might be a not bad way to do it," position on the subject.

Dylan Bundy

However, the pitching mechanics industry seems to have turned to Scap Loading as one trick to use when folks want to boost a pitcher's velocity but don't want to create an obvious Inverted W.

As a result, I do NOT like what I'm seeing of late.

Here's why.

Scap Loading

I can't disagree with people who say they see Scap Loading in the arm actions of many dominant and durable pitchers.

Nolan Ryan

Randy Johnson

The Problem

The problem is that Scap Loading is being taught differently than it was when I first took a look at it.

When Greg Maddux talked about Scap Loading, he did so using the cue, "Proud Chest." The idea was that the pitcher would stick out their chest into foot plant.

Greg Maddux

Unfortunately, pitchers are now being taught to Scap Load much earlier and, in my opinion, that likely explains the past and future problems of pitchers like Dylan Bundy.

Dylan Bundy

If my model is correct, Dylan Bundy will soon have shoulder problems, and perhaps Labrum problems (e.g. a SLAP tear). I say that in large part due to the problems of a college pitcher I know who was taught to Scap Load right after breaking his hands and who has had a SLAP tear.

The root cause of the problem is that, in my experience, the way that Scap Loading is currently being taught significantly increases the likelihood that pitchers will have a particularly severe type of Timing problem that I call Flat Arm Syndrome.