How do you hit the curveball?

How do you hit anything other than a fastball down the middle?

Adjustability the answer those common, and critically important, questions.


Adjustability is exactly what its name implies; the ability to adjust to the type, movement, and location of the pitch.[1]

If you are going to be successful beyond 6th grade or so, you have to learn about the three main types of Adjustability...

I have put together a number of pieces about Adjustability...

... X-Axis Adjustability
...... X-Axis Adjustability and Hip Rotation
... Y-Axis Adjustability
...... Tilt
... Z-Axis Adjustability
...... Delaying Mechanism
... Adjust Late

X-Axis Adjustability

X-Axis Adjustability enables you to adjust horizontally and cover the inside and outside parts of the strike zone.

Y-Axis Adjustability

Y-Axis Adjustability enables you to adjust vertically and cover the top and bottom of the strike zone.

Z-Axis Adjustability

Z-Axis Adjustability enables you to adjust to the speed of the pitch and hit off-speed pitches like change-ups and curveballs.


[1] I think one of the weaknesses of Mike Epstein's system is that he generally ignores the concept of Adjustability and, when he does talk about Adjustability, he gets it wrong.