One way to learn about pitching mechanics is to study the mechanics of great pitchers and emulate what they do. This page contains links to analyses of the pitching mechanics of some of my favorite pitchers.

Models for Pitching Mechanics 101 Clients

Mariano Rivera had excellent pitching mechanics, from top to bottom.

Retired pitchers who I think had superior pitching mechanics and whose durability was related to their pitching mechanics include...

Models for Power Pitching Mechanics Clients

My go-to pitcher for my advanced pitching mechanics and the pitcher around who I am building my reference model for Power Pitching Mechanics is...

Another active pitcher who I like a lot, but don't rate quite as highly as David Price due some minor glitches of late, is...

These are standard definition clips of two of the best and most durable pitchers of all time.

These are high-definition and high-speed clips of the active pitchers whose pitching mechanics I like the most.

Mixed Bags

These are pitchers who have things to like about their mechanics but who have one or more flaws.

Great Lower Body, but...

These are pitchers whose lower body actions are superior, but who concern me due to their arm actions.

Other Problems

These are other pitchers who have things to like about their mechanics but who concern me for one reason or another.