Andres Torres

Andres Torres of the San Francisco Giants was a client, starting in 2008. He used my Rotational Hitting 101 DVD and Hitting Mechanics 101 webbook to rebuild his swing and his approach.

I explain our experience together in my piece on My Experience with Andres Torres and I go over Andres' swing at a high level in my piece Model Swings: Andres Torres.

Andres Torres
Home Run to Right Field
2010 World Series

I go into greater detail about Andres' swing, and how it can help you understand what a good swing actually looks like, in my piece...

I am frequently asked what Andres and I have worked on and what we are still working on, how, and why. As a result, I have put together these hitting diaries to answer that question.

Some of these pieces are only available to people who purchase one of my hitting DVDs and/or webbooks. However, the ones marked with a  are available to everyone who registers for this site.