Pushing the Ball

In the all-male world I grew up in, it was derisively called "Throwing like a girl."

Hillary Clinton

However, as the father of two girls, both of whom I taught and neither of whom "throws like a girl," I quickly came to find that term offensive, not to mention inaccurate. Just look at the picture below of Danica Patrick exhibiting perfect throwing form.

Danica Patrick

What's more, watch a fast-pitch softball game and you will see that there's no reason why girls can't throw just as well as boys.

And sometimes better.

Regardless of what term you use to refer to it...

  • Throwing Like a Girl
  • Pushing the Ball
  • Shot-Putting the Ball
  • Dropping the Elbow when Throwing

...it remains a problem for many ballplayers, boys and girls alike.

After working with hundreds of kids, it doesn't have ANYTHING to do with biology, physiology, or strength.

Throwing Mechanics 101

Throwing Mechanics 101, which is the first webbook in my Pitching series, explains why that is a problem and provides cues and drills to get ballplayers to move and throw better.

If you want to learn more about how to help a ballplayer who has a problem with pushing the ball, I have put together a piece called Throwing Mechanics 101. Like Fixing Bat Drag on the hitting side, Throwing Mechanics 101 is designed to help ballplayers with the most common problems and get them off to a good start.

Throwing Mechanics 101 is based on my extensive experience teaching my kids -- that's my younger son on the cover -- my nephews, and now hundreds of kids in our rec program, how to throw.

Throwing Mechanics 101

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