I was the Hitting Coordinator for Harris-Stowe State University from February 2016 thru May 2017.

How did the guys hit?

HSSU Hitting Statistics

And what did I do that helped them achieve those results?

The first thing I did was I took the guys through my Basic Pics, just to give them some reference points.

Next, I asked them to "Show me contact," and compared what they did to what the best hitters look like at contact.

Matt Carpenter

I like to use Matt Carpenter as an example of what a good hitter looks like at contact because he is -- or was -- so good at getting at a consistently good position at Contact.

I then asked them, "Show me how to get to Contact."

Joe Mauer

I noticed that one hitter dropped his hands and another was taught to push through contact. As a result, the next picture I showed the guys was the picture above of Joe Mauer. A good swing doesn't have to be complicated, but it does have to get some things right, and that includes the front elbow, the hands, and the back elbow.

Instead of immediately dropping his hands, or pushing through contact, Joe Mauer followed a very simple cue to achieve that swing.

Just turn.

Barry Bonds

Matt Carpenter

Matt Carpenter

Travis Shaw