HSSU's hitters did extremely well in the first half of 2017, but then struggled for much of the rest of the year.


While the hitting coach and I had control over what the hitters were taught for the Fall of 2017, by March of 2017 a new coach had joined the team. Despite the hitters' obvious success -- HSSU was one of the top offenses in the country through non-conference play -- he changed what the hitters were being taught, especially when I left to go to Florida for a few days.

While I don't know why he changed what he did -- I think it was as simple as that what I taught wasn't what he taught -- I do know that what he taught was contradictory with what I taught.

And what the best hitters actually do.


Rotation vs. Flying Open

Loading vs. Throwing the Hands

Timing & Adjustability vs. Foot Down Early

Top Hand Tug vs. Top Hand Push

Connection vs. Catch it Out Front

Dive & Tilt vs. Stacked 

Get a Good Pitch to Hit vs. Aggressive


Closed Front Foot