I have put together a series of webbooks that discuss different aspects of the swing and that can be purchased through my web site.

Hitting Webbooks, eBooks, and Streaming DVDs

My hitting webbooks, eBooks, and streaming DVDs draw upon my experience working with ballplayers ranging from kindergarteners to major leaguers.

FREE 10-Minute Hitting Clinic

My FREE 10-Minute Hitting Clinic is an overview of what I believe and why.

Truth in Hitting

It's sad to say, but there is an incredible amount of bad information about hitting out there. Truth in Hitting explains what information is bad and why.

Fixing Bat Drag

Fixing Bat Drag explains how to fix the most common and serious problem in younger hitters.

Hitting Mechanics 101

Hitting Mechanics 101 is an overview of the high-level swing that explains what it looks like, how it works, and how to get -- and keep -- a player on the path of developing the high-level swing. It contains the same information as my Rotational Hitting 101 DVD, and is organized the same, but is updated with my latest thoughts and findings.

Hitting Mechanics 101 can be purchased on its own or along with my Rotational Hitting 101 DVD as part of my Hitting Mechanics 101 Bundle.

Advanced Hitting Mechanics

How do you hit the curveball?

Advanced Hitting Mechanics deals with the concept of Adjustability, which is the answer to that question.

Ted Williams' Secret

Ted Williams' secret is the perfect bridge between hitting for average and hitting for power, because it enables both.

Power Hitting Mechanics

How do you turn warning track power into over the wall power?

Power Hitting Mechanics is a more technical, lower-level discussion of hitting mechanics that is targeted toward more advanced and/or older hitters who want to play in high school and beyond and is based on my experience working with...

...and major league hitters like...

Power Hitting Mechanics goes into more detail than Hitting Mechanics 101. It also supports the concepts I discuss with additional, concept-specific drills.

Buyers of Power Hitting Mechanics will also get access to the Hitting Problem Troubleshooter, which will help you understand many common hitting flaws and how to fix them and my Hitting Flipbooks, which are frame by frame overviews of the swings of some of the best hitters.

Power Hitting Mechanics is available as part of my Power Hitting & Pitching Mechanics Bundle. Purchasers of Hitting Mechanics 101 and/or my Rotational Hitting 101 DVD can buy Power Hitting Mechanics using my Hitting Mechanics Upgrade.