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For years I have expressed concern about a particularly serious Timing problem called Flat Arm Syndrome (FAS). What's worse, and as have predicted, pitchers are now starting to show even worse Timing problems, and I believe that is related to the increasing incidence of terrifying problems like Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Beyond Flat Arm Syndrome

At Foot Plant, Justin Verlander's pitching arm is UP and at roughly 80 degrees of external rotation going into front foot plant.

Justin Verlander

That contrasts with Ttrevor Clifton's pitching arm, which is FLAT and at roughly 0 degrees of external rotation at foot plant.

For obvious reasons, I call what Trevor Clifton is doing Flat Arm Syndrome.

Justin Verlander and Trevor Clifton

What's even more concerning is that, in the pictures below, the pitchers' arms aren't just flat, they are LESS than flat -- beyond just flat -- and in Internal Rotation at Foot Plant.

Sal Romano

Tyler Thornburg

Although the sample size is small, Dr. Cynthia LaBella has identified a correlation between Internal Rotation at Foot Plant and Pain in young pitchers. Another relevant study is Dr. Wiemi Douguih's study of Timing in baseball pitchers.