I have a lot more to say about pitching than I discuss on my Pitching Mechanics 101 DVD. However, and for a variety of reasons, I believe that supplementary information doesn't belong on the DVD itself.

Some instructors have tried to solve this problem by embedding their supplementary information in posts and threads in their client-only message boards. In my opinion that approach doesn't work well for most people -- for people who aren't completely obsessed with hitting -- because it makes finding critical information a difficult and time-consuming process. I have decided to organize my supplementary information differently into a set of webbooks.

In order to make it easy for my clients to be able to keep track of what I'm working on, I have duplicated the tables of contents of my different webbooks in my Pitching Master Index.


Dominant & Durable

My series of pitching webbooks are designed to get hitters on the path to the High-Level Swing and, just as importantly, keep them on it...

  • FREE: My FREE, 10-minute pitching clinic.
  • THROWING: Pitching is throwing with less margin for error.
  • 101: Dominant & Durable mechanics and how to develop them.
  • POWER: Lessons learned from my college pitchers.
  • PRO: Lessons learned working with major league pitchers.

...and can be purchased through my web site.

Dominant & Durable

Dominant & Durable

I recently completed an...

...to Dominant & Durable and have also made available my...

...which summarizes my findings and is an overview of the secrets and commonalities of the pitching mechanics of the pitchers I study individually...

I know many people are interested in velocity. As a result, I am in the process of putting together an analysis of the pitching mechanics of a group of pitchers I call...

These are pitchers who are capable of throwing 100 mph with what, in my opinion, are clean pitching mechanics that I believe will make them more durable than average. This group includes...

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