Former major leaguer Jeff Frye has been going after the new crop of hitting instructors.

On the one hand, I understand his objections and concerns, especially since his focus is Teacherman and what he teaches.

On the other hand are the facts.

Jeff Frye hit for little to no power.


That's the question I want to explore in this piece, using ideas I discuss in a number of related pieces.

NOTE: This page is obviously a work in progress. However, the ideas and clips are important enough that I'm releasing it while I'm still working on it.

Load Timing and Jeff Frye's Swing

Why did Andres Torres struggle in 2011?

It started when he decided to try to hit home runs, rather than just letting them happen.

That then opened the door for the Giants to start "helping" him with his swing. In an effort to shorten his swing, the Giants decided he need to be shorter and more direct to the ball.

That created a problem with Leaky Hands.

And, more fundamentally, with his Load Timing.

When he Loaded.

Relative to what other parts of his body were doing.

Andres Torres

I see a similar problem in the swing of Jeff Frye.

Jeff Frye

A difference that is obvious if you compare the swings of Jeff Frye and Albert Pujols.

Albert Pujols

Jeff Frye's Swing

This clip shows what I'm talking about.

The thing to look at is...

Jeff Frye


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