Justin Verlander is one of my favorite pitchers. He is a pitcher who can hit 100 MPH but who has also been very durable due to his superior arm action.

In my opinion, Justin Verlander's struggles can be explained by problematic coaching. When he pitches well, he does what comes naturally. When he struggles, it's usually because he is doing something consistent with the conventional wisdom about pitching mechanics.

And wrong.

I have broken up my analysis of Justin Verlander's pitching mechanics into two pieces...

  • Justin Verlander 101: A discussion of his arm action that is accessible by Pitching Mechanics 101 clients.
  • Justin Verlander's Power Source: A discussion of his power source for Power Pitching Mechanics clients.

Client-Only Content

The majority of my information about Justin Verlander's pitching mechanics is only available to my clients.

Clients who purchase Pitching Mechanics 101 have access to only my information about Justin Verlander's arm action. Clients who purchase Power Pitching Mechanics have access to all of my information about Justin Verlander.

My pitching products are also available in bundles that discuss both hitting and pitching.