My Pitching Mechanics 101 webbook contains the same basic information as my DVD, but goes beyond it by illustrating its points with video clips of the best pitchers.

Throwing Mechanics 101

Pitching is throwing with less margin for error, so to understand how to pitch, you first make sure that you understand throwing, the subject of Throwing Mechanics 101.

Pitching Mechanics 101

Injury prevention is the thing that got me started in the world of pitch and it is the focus of my Pitching Mechanics 101 webbook, which is a supplement to my Pitching Mechanics 101 DVD.

1. Pitching Mechanics 101 DVD  

2. What's the Problem?

3. My Story 

4. How Mariano Rivera (Actually) Threw The Ball 

5. First, Do No Harm
. Injury-Related Pitching Cues
... Linear Stride

6. The Stages of the Pitch
. Revised Baseball Pitching Cycle 

7. Concepts
. Timing
. Separation
. Arm Slot

8. Common Pitching Problems
... Leaving the PAS Foot Behind on the Rubber
... Linear Stride

9. Frequently-Asked Questions
. Increasing Velocity
. Time to the Plate

The Epidemic

I have consolidated all of my pitching injury prevention information into an eBook entitled The Epidemic that explains the root cause of the pitcher injury epidemic.

Pitching Flipbooks

My pitching flipbooks allow you to go through the pitching motions of some of the best pitchers at your own pace.

Dominant & Durable

Dominant & Durable is a new series of detailed flipbook analyses of the mechanics of pitchers, active and retired, who were both...

  • Dominant
  • Durable

In sum, I've found that, in far too many cases, what dominant and durable pitchers do -- or did -- to generate velocity is now being coached out of pitchers. That is because the current definition of Proper Pitching Mechanics is so twisted that it now labels as flaws many movements that have been shown to reduce the incidence of elbow and shoulder problems.

The Dominant & Durable series is only available to clients who have purchased access to Power Pitching Mechanics either on its own or as part of my Power Hitting & Pitching Mechanics + DVDs bundle.

I am working on analyses of the pitching mechanics of a number of pitchers, which are divided up into two groups.

For Pitching Mechanics 101 Clients

When it comes to learning how to pitch, you should study.

For Power Pitching Mechanics Clients

If you are interested in throwing hard while staying healthy, there are a number of pitchers you should study.