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Password Not Working

If you have been a client for a number of years and have a rh101, pm101, rh101+pm101, or other username and password and your username and password do not work any more, then please e-mail me. Once I have verified that you have indeed purchased one or both of my DVDs, I will get you set up with a new, personalized username and password.

Limited Access

This web site, and most of the articles contained in it, are only available to people who have purchased one or more of my webbooks and/or DVDs.

If you have only limited access to the web site, but believe you should have full access, a number of things could be going on.

Account Not Activated Yet

The simplest reason why you might not have full access to this site is that I haven't yet had a chance to activate your access credentials. That usually happens when I'm traveling and am having a hard time getting internet access.

E-Mail me to remind me to activate your account.

Different Username

In many cases, people are creating their own usernames and logging into the website using that username. That's fine, but the problem is that your access credentials are tied to the username -- usually your e-mail address -- and password that you were sent shortly after purchasing one or both of my DVDs.

E-mail me if you want me to migrate your access credentials to the username that you created.