I worked with the hitters at HSSU starting in February 2016 and through the 2017 season.

Why did I leave?

Aside from being tired with the stupidity that the of the other assistant coaches literally wouldn't talk to me, there was the fact that were constantly contradicting me and coaching guys out of stuff I had coached them into.

And that was working.

Dive (Over the Plate)

Over the course of my two years at HSSU, I helped a number of hitters -- who had previously hit for little or no power -- start hitting doubles and home runs.

What did I teach them?

While for Andreas and Gasberth the key idea was Connection, for Zach Jones the key was giving him permission to do something he had been told was a problem.

To dive over the plate.

What do I mean by "dive over the plate?"

Why is diving over the plate a GOOD thing to do and not a BAD thing?

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