Loading up.

Load up.

Those are phrases that many people use.

I also use them, but quite differently than most people do.

This piece overlaps with a number of my other pieces.

Loading Up

The conventional usage of the phrases "Loading Up" and "Load Up" refer to the stride; often, a linear rearward movement that precedes a linear forward movement.

However, as I explain when I talk about Coil, I'm not an advocate of large linear movements because that's not what I see in the best hitters.

Yes, there's a Linear component to a high-level swing.

But not a big one.

So what do I mean when I talk about "Loading Up?"

Tommy Pham 2015


I first noticed the difference in Loading patterns when I was working with one of my HSSU hitters.

Albert Pujols 2009

I was having some trouble seeing the problem, and explaining it, until I went back to one of my favorite clips of Albert Pujols.

And then I saw it.

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