Tommy Pham has had an especially streaky 2018.


The answer to that question can be found in this February 18, 2018 Pham motivated to reach high expectations.

The first real swings of the spring should come Monday, when position players will participate in live batting practice as part of their first official workout. Pham said he adjusted that slightly, too, in between the treadmill races and pro football workouts that defined his offseason. Gone is a hitch in his hand load that made his swing less level.


It doesn't have to be big -- Pham had an off year in 2016 because his Load got too big -- but it has to be well-timed.

At the start of June 2018, Pham's load is too small and too early.

Kill the Hitch, Kill the Load

In truth, what some are calling a Hitch in Tommy Pham's swing in truth is a Load.

And, if you kill his Hitch, you kill his Load.

And reduce the Efficiency of his swing.

Which leads to his current episode of Warning Track Power.