With the start of the school year, I have started to gather my thoughts in preparation for working with our hitters.

Here are some of the thoughts, ideas, and cues I plan on sharing with them.

Chris O'Leary's Thoughts for Advanced Hitters

If you hit, you will not sit.

My Main Mantra

Swing with your hips and adjust with your hands.


"Get a good pitch to hit." - Ted Williams

Hit it where it's pitched.

The Hitting Wars

A high-level swing is BOTH linear and rotational. But, as Ted Williams said, you can take the linear component too far.

Myths and Misconceptions

Bat Wrap is a GOOD thing, not a bad thing.

The barrel MUST, and should, loop below the ball.

What NOT to Do

Keep the front foot closed at contact.

Keep the front elbow down.

Keep the barrel above the ball.

Watch the ball hit the bat.

Put the ball on the ground.

Full extension at the Point Of Contact.

Squish the bug.

Things to Read

Ted Williams The Science of Hitting. Annotated version. But throw out the chapter on adjustability. He played in a different era. Look at the catchers. How tall they set up. It was also a different (higher) strike zone due to the chest protectors they used.

Ted Williams A Real Rap Session. Annotated version.

Ted Williams' Cues

The HIPS lead the HANDS.

SLIGHT uppercut.

It's a hard, push swing.

The Goal

Hit the crab out of the ball.

Get the ball to the wall.

Swing for doubles and let God take care of the home runs.

Head Movement

Track the ball more with your eyes than your head.

Don't drop your chin, rotate it.

Pics and Clips

Barry Bonds

Mickey Mantle

Shoeless Joe

Robinson Cano

Matt Carpenter

Aledmys Diaz


Lift and Separate.

More accurately, Separate and Lift.

Load and Lift.

Let it (the barrel) Loop.

Wrap that bat.


The REAL Barry Bonds Drill.

The power hand is the...