This hitting diary records my work with my college hitters during the 2017 baseball season.

Our statistics are available on the Internet if you are interested in understanding the impact I've had on the program and our rankings within our conference.


Emphasis for the week ahead = Adjustability.

This weekend we faced a team that threw up some hard throwers and some guys who didn't throw that hard. I viewed our success against soft tossers as a sign that our work on Adjustability is working, but we have more work to do.


Point of Emphasis = The Front Foot

  • We should lead the league in doubles.
    • Home runs and singles are OK, but I'd like to see more doubles and walks.
  • The Worst Cue in the World.
  • My Main Mantra.
  • Moving Forward While Staying Back.
  • The Front Foot
    • Get the Front Foot Down Early?
    • The Contribution of the Front Foot to Adjustability.
    • The Message I got through to Matt Holliday.
    • Z-Axis Adjustability.
    • Albert Pujols Drill.


Stay Back.


Theme = Give guys permission to be Athletic...

  • Back leg angle.
  • Y-Axis Adjustability.
    • Dive over the Plate.
  • Front foot angle.

Lots of work on Coil.

Swing with your HIPS, adjust with your HANDS.

If you get the Hips generating power, then the Hands are free to adjust.


Open Top Hand Drill for a couple of hitters whose swings are just a bit long because they collapse the Triangle.


One of our hitters' swings is very similar to Randal Grichuk's. Power but lack of Adjustability. Arm bar. Pull-hooking. Root cause of the problem is not being taught about Y-Axis Adjustability. In truth, being coached out of Tilt.

Also causes problems with Alignment. Loses the Vertical V too soon on pitches down because he has to drop his hands.

Also talked about tracking the ball more with the eyes than the head. Not dropping the chin. Jason Heyward's problem.


Spent some time talking about Rotation, Lag, and Jose Altuve with one of our hitters who has ridiculously good hand-eye coordination. I think he could hit for an even higher average if he hit the ball a bit harder. To do that, he needs to rotate a bit more and maintain his Lag for a bit longer.