The Inverted W is a term that is used to refer to one member of a family arm actions that you see in baseball pitchers. I first discussed the Inverted W, and the other related Inverted Arm Actions, in a series of articles on my public site...

These arm actions are widely taught because they will give a pitcher a quick velocity boost.

However, I have come to the conclusion that they will also significantly increase a pitcher's risk of experience a shoulder and/or elbow injury.

The idea that the Inverted W is problematic is fairly controversial, in large part because it hasn't been backed up by significant research. However, that research has been done and it backs up the things that I have said about the Inverted W and the other Inverted Arm Actions.

In particular, Dr. Weimi Douoguih's study of the Inverted W directly addresses the questions of whether the Inverted W is problematic and why. The study found that the Inverted W is problematic due to its impact on the pitcher's timing.

As a result, I am in the process of expanding on those original essays about the Inverted W in this webbook.

The Inverted W is currently a work in progress, but I have made available my in-progress work so that my clients can get a jump start on preventing, managing, or fixing the Inverted W in their pitchers.

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The Inverted W

The Inverted W is a webbook that discusses a dangerous approach to teaching throwing and pitching, how to prevent it, how to manage it, and how to fix it.

1. My Story

2. A Brief History of the Inverted W  

   2.1. Comments on Paul Nyman's Defense of the Inverted W   
   2.2. Mark Prior, Anthony Reyes, and Causation  
   2.3. Scapular Loading
   2.4. B.J. Ryan and the Inverted L
   2.5. Inverted W Podcast
   2.6. Inverted W FAQ

3. Preventing the Inverted W

4. Managing the Inverted W

5. Fixing the Inverted W

6. Inverted W: The Scientific Basis  

  6.1. Early Cocking Phase Mechanics (Douoguih)