In my experience with Andres Torres, I explain how I helped him become a major leaguer by tweaking his mechanics and his approach.

Similarly, in 2016, several of my college hitters drastically improved their batting averages.

One hit...

  • .315 in 2015
  • .373 in 2016.

Even more impressively, another player hit...

  • .250 in 2014
  • .276 in 2015
  • .419 in 2016

What did I tell them that made such a huge difference?

In each case, the problem was that they were following a very common, but inaccurate, cue.

The same basic cue that ruined my own swing and that got me started on my quest to understand hitting.

A cue that my Power Hitting and Power Hitting & Pitching clients know is NOT what the best hitters actually do.

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