What a Good Swing (Actually) Looks Like

One day I was going over the table of contents of my Hitting Mechanics 101 webbook and DVD, trying to make sure that I was presenting my information in the most logical and helpful order.

I knew I wanted to start with an Executive Summary, but then what?

Frustrated, I put that project aside and decided to visit one of the baseball web sites that I monitor. I came across a thread in which a father of an 8 year-old baseball player had posted the clip below of his son's swing.

"Crazy" Back Leg

What struck me about the clip above were the father's comments about it. Matter-of-factly, he cited his son's "crazy" back leg as being his biggest problem.

What I found interesting at the time, and still find interesting, is that this hitter's back leg is the best aspect of his swing, not the worst.

It's not "crazy"; it's basically perfect.

If you were to "fix" this hitter's back leg, you couldn't help but take him well off the path toward developing the High-Level Swing. What this hitter needs to work on is his Bat Drag and his Posture. If he did that, he'd pretty quickly end up with a heck of a swing for his age.

That made me realize that the first thing I need to do when talking hitting with people is make sure that we are on the same page with respect to what a good swing (actually) looks like. The problem is that many people, due to ignorance, poor instruction, or misinformed friends and/or coaches, have no idea what a good swing (actually) looks like.

As a result, I have put together a number of pieces that lay out at a high level what a good swing (actually) looks like and that are available to all of my hitting clients...

For clients who have access to my Advanced Hitting Mechanics webbook, I have put together a few other resources that also address this topic...