There are many cues that people use to teach throwing that either don't work consistently or don't work at all.

Point Your Glove at the Target

The goal of telling a thrower to point their glove at the target is to get them to stand Sideways to the target. While I have seen this cue work with some throwers -- it worked with my kids -- in some cases what throwers do is they face the target, point their glove at the target, and then throw with just their arm.

Point Your Shoulder at the Target

In the VW Passat commercial that I discuss elsewhere, at one point you can hear the dad tell his son, "That was good. You had your shoulder pointed."

The key isn't to point one of your shoulders at the target or to do so after the throw. Instead, the goal is to point both of your shoulders -- or really a line that runs through both of your shoulders -- at the target before you throw. If you are just pointing your (throwing arm side) shoulder at the target, it's still possible to not get sideways target and to face the target instead. Pointing the throwing arm side shoulder at the target can also encourage stepping with the wrong foot.