I am constantly looking for research that is relevant to the topic of throwing, and I have listed below some of the more interesting pieces that I have found.

Why Apes Can't Pitch

The piece on Why Apes Can't Pitch that was published on June 26, 2013 on the New York Times web site is interesting because it goes to my point about the importance of foot work. Compare the human throwers and the ape. Look at their feet. The human throwers get sideways to the target whereas the ape faces the target. As a result, the ape "throws like a girl." I wonder if the issue is that apes truly can't throw well or if, like people, their first instincts are wrong and they have to be taught to throw correctly. This piece suggests that problems with throwing well are due to cultural factors or poor instruction rather than due to strength differences between men and women, since chimpanzees have proportionately far more upper body strength than most men.