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I have more to say about hitting and pitching than I talk about in my...

A lot more.

I have created this web site help supplement what I discuss on my streaming DVDs; to provide a near real time update to the ideas and concepts I discuss.

Most of the information on this site is for the use of my clients...

However, I have created, and am updating and expanding, a section of FREE materials...

I am also working on a webbook that explains why pitchers are increasingly getting hurt and what can be done to fix things. I call it...

Finally, I tweet @ThePainGuy and post information about updates to this site and large amounts of free information. Give me a follow if you are interested in learning more!

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The Latest - Hitting

Listed below are the Hitting pieces that I'm currently working on and thinking about.

FREE Hitting Resources


The Latest - Pitching

Listed below are the pitching pieces that I'm currently working on and thinking about.

The Progression

In order to make things clearer, I have decided to slightly reorganize my Pitching pieces into a series of webbooks that follow a simple and clear progression that reflects what I teach to pitchers of different ages...

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The idea is to match this up with the progression most parents follow.

FREE Pitching Resources

The Epidemic