Throwing is one of the worst-taught athletic skills.

The problem is that people tend to...

  • Over-coach arm action, which most kids naturally do right.
  • Under-coach footwork, which many kids have problems with.

The video clip below is a perfect example of the state of the art; of the kind of well-intentioned -- but at best incomplete and at worst dangerously uninformed -- throwing instruction that exists today.

Nose, Toes, Show, & Throw

I started teaching throwing via a very well-received piece called The Stages of the Throw. Over the years, I have expanded that piece and added to it a number of other supporting pieces and research that address topics like what to teach and, just as importantly, what not to teach.

The Epidemic

I have spent the past 10 years researching proper throwing and pitching mechanics, trying to understand why some ballplayers stay healthy while others can't. I have consolidated all of my information about problematic throwing and pitching mechanics into a single webbook...

While you should read the entirety of The Epidemic, because it's equally relevant to throwers and pitchers, some of the pieces that are especially important and relevant to throwing include...

Throwing Mechanics 101

Good throwers make good pitchers and good ballplayers, so Throwing Mechanics 101 is the first webbook in my pitching series and is designed to teach coaches how to develop good throwers. The lessons it teaches about overhand throwing are applicable to both baseball and softball players.

i. What's the Problem?  

ii. Why "High Level Throwing" Isn't 

1. Executive Summary
. The Biggest Mistake Throwers Make
. The Keys to Throwing Well
. Reducing the Likelihood of Throwing Injuries

2. What Good Throwing Mechanics (Actually) Look Like

3. Cues That Don't Work

4. Stages of the Throw

5. Grip

6. Positions
. Sideways Position
. Ready Position 

7. Concepts
. Arm Slot
. Separation

8. Throwing Drills
. Backspin Drill
. Crow Hop Drill
. Progressive Long Toss
. Set Position Drill
. Ready Position Drill
. Walking in Circles Drill
. Wind-Up Drill  

9. Throwing Gadgets 

10. Throwing Problem Troubleshooter
. Pushing the Ball (aka "Throwing Like a Girl")

11. Model Throws
. Outfielders
. Infielders and Catchers

12. What the Research Says